Dear visitor,

The recipes you will find here are tried and true. From basic to brash, they all hold a place in my heart. And thats a big part of cooking. Heart. Putting your self on the line - and getting in there. Even if you’re making something as straight forward as grilled gruyere on dark rye or a plain French omelette, you have to put your heart into it. As we say in the Cave, the secret agent in every great dish is love.

And it’s this love that deepens your connection to food - what gives you that heightened sensitivity and receptivity to the ingredients at hand. It is the essential fuel you need to flex your inborn culinary muscle on a day-to-day basis. It is only love that will allow you to achieve excellence with every dish, from the Zen-like simplicity of a poached egg, right up to that Frenched rack of lamb with balsamic glaze and roasted fingerlings.

One more thing I want to mention before you run your cyber fingers all over these delectable documents. Every recipe of ours you decide to create will taste better when you use organic, local and free range produce. From herbs and spices to greens and proteins, everything, all of it. I know it’s not always possible, but believe me when I say it -- you will taste the difference!