• The Palette Job: Part 1

    In Part 1 of our first Webisode, Night Chef and his crew break-in to La Palette, a funky French bistro in Toronto's own Kensington Market.

  • The Palette Job: Part 2

    In Part 2 of 'The Palette Job', Night Chef unveils his master plan for the prized slab of horse tenderloin found in Part 1. In the process, Rick and Marty drop a little knowledge on global patterns of horse meat consumption.

  • The Palette Job: Part 3

    The Night Chef sears a stuffed horse tenderloin, unlocks the mystery of Vichy carrots, and executes other culinary wonders in this third installment of 'The Palette Job'.

  • The Palette Job:Part 4

    In the long awaited finale of 'The Palette Job', Night Chef plates the grub, Marty selects an earthy Cahors with notes of barnyard to compliment the horse tenderloin, and the crew finally sit down to enjoy the fruits of their illicit labour -- at 5:00 am.

Ricks Vignettes
  • Coming SoonRick's Vignettes

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Nite Bites
  • Nite Bites Night Bites

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