(Accompanies with ‘Roast Chicken’)

When it comes to trussing, trust me, just take it step by step - and breathe, never forget to breathe. Remember, the object is to secure the parts of the chicken into a snug, flippable package. This is how it’s done:

Place the middle of the string underneath the tail.
Bring the ends of the string up and cross them over the tail.
Cross the string over the ends of the drumsticks (from the inside), then loop
around once, pulling the strings tight.
Flip the chicken over.
Cross the strings across the back of the chicken, centering one string over
each wing.
Turn the chicken, breast side up.
Pull the string ends tight, securing the wings against the body.
Tie a knot.
Trim the excess string close to the knot.
And then double check to make sure everything is securely tied.

Click here to download a PDF of this recipe.